S.O.S. for Hausmannsplatz – Update 21th of May 2016

The politicians betrayed us and now want to try to sell us and three other properties to private property devilopers, most probably Urbanium AS. They chosen to lick arse of corporate power player Espen Pay, CEO of Urbanium AS, a multimillion corporation cashing in on poorer peoples housing needs.

Espen Pay blatantly stated in corporate media (even before the sales contract is finally signed) that he has no special responsibility for people living in the existing collective and that he has decided to flatten the 130 year old building to earth.


One should expect that the politicians would follow their own rules at least, but this is not the case. But we are not moving because of an unlawful illegal sales attempt.

On Friday the 13th of May, one of the closest neigbouring properties to Vestbredden was squatted by automobilized housing activists. This was deliberatly done to challenge the power play that is now taking place in Norways capital.

Seemingly the politicians think they can get away with outsourcing political headaches, but we will sure as hell not lay down and die on command.

We now mobilize to give strength especially to our new neighbours in the wagon place, Hausmannsplatz, that has become a bridgehead connecting the Vestbredden collective with Hausmania.

There is daily work with making a public garden happen there, according to the city regulation plan. They even got a donation of flowers from the Ila prison the other day!

We encourage activistas to come and have an action vacation to cancel the sales attempt!

From the actual date the sales contract is signed, the potential buyer has 30 days to withdraw from the sale. As far as we now it has NOT been signed yet, but we will for sure let you guys know when and if it is.

Bring tools, beers and food and ideas!

This case will be updated!