OPEN WORKSHOP – With Update!

Vestbredden Winter Workshops
The housing- and working cooperation Vestbredden Vel Vel has since October hosted open
workshops every last Thursday each month. In addition we have arranged workshops for
friends and supporters every Thursday. Both new supporters, friends, neighbours and
residents have worked through the winter to seek out our political and activist strength.
The main, general project for the workshop is to gather, share and spread information about
the project.
The workshop is divided into several groups. One is working to sort and set up the house
archive. Another group has started with a documentation project – reading, talking and
writing to gather chunks of informal and formal, oral and written documentation and
information about the cooperation since the beginning in 1999.
Vestbredden received good news this December when we got a thumbs up from the Oslo
Architecure Triennale who in November got our application to be a contributor to the
exhibition. Some kind of documentation of our housing project will be on display in the
Museum of architecture in Oslo the upcoming autumn. Exactly in what form and shape is not
yet decided.
The workshop has made contact with the European Action Coalition, an international
network of squats, collectives and other «off the grid» housing projects. Check out the
The last Thursday of each month, everyone is welcome. Just knock on the window to the
infoshop in the first floor and someone will open the gate for You.
We are planning the following groups during the spring:
– Gardening in the backyard terrace
– Documentation of the housing prices and conditions in Oslo from 1999 til now.
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