BARRIKADENFEST 2015 – Line-Up Teaser

Allthough we are put out for sale and are facing quite a political struggle at the moment; we are also working on awesome; subcultural DIY events like usually. And what would the summer be without this years celebration of our great autonomous house and venue?

BARRIKADENFEST 16 will be a massive hardcore attack trying to take the DIY ethics of our scene to a more challenging level by tearing down the unnesescary borders between audience/organizers/bands. Last year most of the bands came one week before and helped us out with rigging up, cooking etc. This year we expect more bands, three stages and there is even rumors about a autonomous wrestling ring.

We are also stoked to announce that the posters and flyers for this years’ fest will be made by Nesha from DOOMSDAY GRAPHICS. Who have made covers for Auktion, G-ANX , REAKTORY and a lot of other good stuff. You can check out his catalogue Here.

Here is a teaser of some of the confirmed bands attending this years fest:



Raging, political crusty hardcore from UK with international members. Meinhof has been going strong since 2007 and explored several different styles of punk. The members are also active with sideprojects like DEFCON ZERO, CELLBOUND and UNFIXED.


  • THE BRISTLES (swe)

Straight outta Landskrona, Sweden. Squeezing out quality political oi!-charged hardcore punk since 1982. Still going strong, faster and harsher than ever. Check out their new EP «Val» on bandcamp.


  • BURNCHURCH (ireland)

For fans of Witch Hunt. Raging, crusty hardcore punk. New band from Dublin with female vocals. One of the most interesting new hardcore bands in a long while.



In these modern days a lot of people forget about the true pogo material which is old school punk rock. In the veins of THE DICKIES and old norwegian bands like KJØTT; ALLE GODE TING delivers a solid pack of lively punk rock alã 77′! With a reportoire of two albums behind them; Kokepunktet and NEIMAT.



The festival will go off at 4 and 5 of september 2015. If you are interested in working at this year’s event as a volunteer, send an email to

More bands will be announced soon. The festival will cost 100 kr for one day and 150 for a two-day pass. Just like last year. The next drop of bands will be announced in ASAP.

A las Barricadas!

See y’all in september!


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